PCO Neck Finish and Difference between PCO1881 & PCO1810

ThePET preformsmost used ofPCO neck finish( PCO = Plastic Closure Only ) are two types: PCO 1881 neck finish and PCO 1810 bottle neck finish.

At the beginning of November 2006, the ISBT (International Society of Beverage Technologists) agreed on a new lightweight standard for 28mm preform neck finish called PCO 1881, which provides a weight saving of 1,3 g (26%) compared to current type bottle neck PCO 28 (3.74 g vs. 5.05 g) and of 2,5 g (40%) compared to BPF neck finish.

In particular, it includes good venting capability due to sufficient thread length (650° thread travel, extendable to 680°) and adequate positioning of vertical slots across the threads; and efficient closure tamper-evident (TE) band functioning due to special TE bead profile.

The SuperShorty PCO 1881 bottle neck is a 28-mm closure designed for a short-height PET preform neck finish. The biggest difference between PCO 1881 & PCO 1810 is the height of them. PCO 1881 is the with the height 17mm while PCO 1810 has 21mm. The neck finish PCO 1881 is about 1.31g raw material comparing the neck finish PCO 1881. It is about 35% of the total weight of 3.74g for EACH preform mouth or cap.

The below table will show you the PCOneck finish differencebetween PCO 1881 & PCO 1810 bottle necks:

Specifications PCO 1881 PCO 1810
Neck Finish Picture 28mm neck finish PCO 1881 Single Start Thread turn 650° 28mm neck finish PCO 1810 Single Start Thread turn 720°
Thread height (mm) 17 21
Tread(°) Turn 650° Turn 720°
Thread degree(°) 15±2 16±3
Finish size(mm) 28 28
Weight(g) 3.74 5.05
Application Soft Drink, Juice, Bottle Water, Carbonated Drink, Short Bottle etc. Soft Drink, Juice, Bottle Water, Carbonated Drink, Short Bottle etc.
* ISBT PCO Neck Finish Standards.

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